Freelance web, product and brand designer in Kent.

Hello, I’m Lee. I'm a Freelance Web Designer based in Kent. I specialise in creating websites for independent businesses, established companies & agencies to showcase their brand, products and services on the web.


I build identities, websites & visual experiences.

I design every pixel from the ground up to make your customers experience strikingly unique and memorable.

Together we can create an engaging and professional website for your customers that not only looks great but incorporates your branding and reflects your companies core values.

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UI/UX Design

Using research and strategy to ensure that the design of your website is focused on usability, scalability, and relevant to your target audiences.

Front End Development

Provide a seamless transition from the design to the development by implementing the visual elements for websites or web apps.


Your brand is more than just a logo; it’s a reflection of your company, shaped through the experiences people have with you.

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